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A Screw Pile that meets NHBC Requirements!

In general terms of market share, very few residential developments appear to found on screw piles, despite piling generally being the go to choice of foundation and this may due to concerns whether a helical screw pile can achieve the requirements of the NHBC (or any alternative) building warranty.

However, in April 2022, the NHBC published a Technical Guidance to advise on the requirements which stated that:

Steel Helical piles as a piling system or part of a foundation system are acceptable to NHBC to support residential or mixed-use development for warranty purposes provided, they

1. meet NHBC Technical Requirements, and

2. have an independent third-party certification or equivalent acceptable to NHBC.

Whilst we can’t answer for other helical screw piles on the market.  Rapid Design and Build install CHANCE® screw pile which:

  • Piles are not designed solely on empirical rules relating to the torque measured during installation

  • Parts are stamped with proof of manufacture and audited surveillance can be traced back

  • Joints are mechanically bolted and not site welded

  • Provided the product is installed by an improved installer they will install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

  • The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) have independently assessed the product and it can be found on their website carrying the logo SCI Assessed

  • The product carries a design life in excess of the requested

  • Piles can undergo a load test should it be required


If you have concerns on whether Screw Piles (or any of our other products) satisfy the requirements of your building insurer or warranty provider, please feel free to contact us via email on, phone Andrew directly on 07845 274656.

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NHBC Technical Guidance 4.4/02 (April 2022 – first issue)

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