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The benefits of a modern underpinning solution

Helical Piling Solutions

Underpinning has been on-going for many years with several leading foundation companies also developing their own preferred foundation solutions in favour of deep excavated traditional mass concrete underpinning.  However, there is a solution that is fast, flexible, clean and sustainable to install.

Combining CHANCE® underpinning brackets with Helical Pulldown® Micro-piles enables a fast effective foundation system to be installed that provides the following benefits:

  • Restricted access working

  • Installation time can be reduced

  • Undermining of structures is not required

  • Sequential work due to curing is not required

  • Flexibility to relocate piles around existing live services

  • Less excavation and reinstatement works

  • Waste is greatly reduced

  • Noise, dust and vibration is minimal

  • Works are not adversely affected by the weather


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