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Helical Pile Solutions

Helical Pile Solutions

Rapid Design and Build are a CHANCE® Certified Installer and can offer full design and installation for your project.

All screw piles are installed using excavators with the smallest excavator capable of fitting into a working area the width of a standard door.

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The Benefits

Benefits of AB Chance Helical Screw Piles include:

  • Sustainable

  • Ability to work in restricted access reducing enabling works.

  • No requirement for engineered design piling platform

  • No machine attendance required

  • No pile spoil created, excellent for contaminated soils

  • Low level of noise and vibration

  • Can work in and around live services and tree roots

  • Can be fixed to reinforced concrete, steel or casette floors

  • Piles can be removed and re-use elsewhere (reducing risk of high stranding costs for obstructions)

  • Programme efficient as reduces enabling works and curing times

  • Piles can be loaded immediately

  • Reduced exclusion zones due to swing of excavator being less than

  • AB Chance Helical Micro Pulldown Pile can add between 50-100% additional load capacity 

  • Product verified by Steel Construction Institute (SCI Assessed)

AB Chance Helical Screw Piles
  • Meets National House Building Council (NHBC) requirements

  • Meets Local Authority Building Control (LABC) requirements

  • Steel can be traced back to source,with 98% recycled content

  • 30 year transferrable Product Warranty available

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